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INFIGO e-Merchant Monitor

E-commerce is increasingly growing in the last few years, and the trend is expected to continue for years to come.

While this growth increases income from e-business for payment card acquirers, risks related to e-business remain high since, according to statistics, e-merchants are a risky group for the payment card industry, especially acquirers.


Due to specific risks related to Internet based transactions, standard fraud monitoring systems often cannot detect or identify high risk e-merchants.

Provision of e-commerce services via Internet brought different risks which are difficult to tackle with traditional fraud monitoring tools:

  • Internet is borderless – e-commerce shops can be physically located anywhere in the world,
  • E-merchants can shift their offering from harmless items to stolen goods or weapons in seconds,
  • E-merchants are exposed to hacking, customer databases thefts and other malicious activities,
  • Customers are exposed to a variety of threats: starting with malicious code to transaction interception.